About Us


Thank you very much for visiting the website of Bokwang Co., Ltd.

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express my hearty thanks
for the valulable suppport and cooperation you extended to us over the
past decades.

Born in 1973 when Korean economy launched its dynamic era of the
industrialization so called 'Miracle of The Han River', we, Bo Kwang Corporation,
have been running our business with the pride of manufacturing top quality
products for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

I am pleased to make a strong commitment to our never ending development of
quality products with competitive prices which can lead to our customers'
success in the rapidly changing business environment.

With the strong belief for my management philosophy which can be described
as 'Mental civilization should not be ruled by materialism.', we will make
every endeavour to develop valuable products to make our world better
off. Sincerely,

Thank you