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About Bokwang

In 1973, BoKwang Chemical Co., Ltd

set up its first paint mill in Busan, Korea. The company served the independent decorating paints
retailer channel with a good reputation. When the automobile emerged as a key industry of Korean economy,
the company expanded its business line into specialty sealants for automobile in 1976. Asahi Rubber Corp,
Japan participated in the project as a technical collaborator.

In 1974, Ulsan Inorganic Chemical Co., Ltd. was found as a joint venture company with Nippon Chemical
Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan and started production of Sodium Bichromate. The company played an
important role in the development of Korean chemicals industry until its closure in 1985.

On July 1, 1988, Ulsan Inorganic Chemical Co., Led. which switched its business line to organic pigment
intermediates was merged with Bo Kwang Chemical Co., Ltd. to form Bo Kwang Corporation.
The combined organization now ranks among top three Phthalocyanine blue crude producers in the world
and is a major supplier of speciality sealants for Korean auto industry.

Headquartered in Busan. Korea, Bo Kwang Corpoation has manufacturing facilities in Ansung and Ulsan.

Ansung plant

was built in 1995 with the state-of-the-art facilities to make specialty sealants for automobile and
industrial adhesives for architecture. shipbuilding. electronics as well. Especially, R&D Center of
the plant has its own technologies for raw materials and finished products for adhesives for

The R&D Center is in pursuit of globalization of research activities through the technical tie up with world known multinational firms. The plant is ISO 9001 and Qs9000 accredited in 1997 and 2000
respectively and making every endeavour to globalize top quality industrial adhesives and
sealants for automobile.

Ansung Plant's major products include'
1)Antichipping materials: PVC Undercoat/Body Sealer. R.P.P, Urethane SGC (Stone Guard Coat),Environment friendly Post PVC Undercoat/Bodysealer
2)Sealers: Synthetic rubber base Mastic Sealer, Spot Sealer, Epoxy Hemming sealer, Butyl tape and Anti-vibration Pad
3)Sound Deadener: Asphalt Sheet
4)Waterproofing Compound: Rubber type & Synthetic resin type, DGS
5)Environment firendly waterborne synthetic resin etc.


Phthalocyanine Blue is one of the most widely used organic pigments in printing inks,
paints, plastics and rubber. Since its industrial production in the middle of 1940's, demand of the
pigment has substantially increased. The industrial production of phthalocyanine blue
can be devided into two steps - synthesis of crude form phthalocyanine and finishing procedure.

Swallogen blue crude Swallogen blue crude is a crude form phthalocyanine having excellent physical properties. Ulsan plant has 8,100 tons of annual capacity and been supplying its products to world known pigment manufacturers since 1987.

Swallogen blue AP Swallogen blue AP is presscake type finished phthalocyanine which can be used in PRC (Pigment Resin Color) for textile printing and Waterflexo Inks. Ulsan plant has 300 tons of annual capacity.

Quality standards Ulsan plant is ISO 9002 accredited and fully supported by state-of-the-art analytical resources that include HPLC, AAS and FT-IR spectroscope.

Environmental & Safety policies Ulsan plant meets the highest standards of environmental per- formance and observes strict policies to maintain the highest.