Introduction of R&D

R&D of BoKwang is leading wave of high technology and making future dream come true.
It was established in 1987 at Anyang factory and expanded and relocated in
1995 at Ansung factory.

Our R&D had originally developed undercoating used for car and with expanding its supply
to all car manufacturers in Korea, it has developed and supplied adhesive,
NHV, stiffeners for car industry and industrial adhesives.

At the same time, by continuous developing of raw materials, upgrading quality
and using experienced manpower, it copes positively with rapidly changed inner
and outer market as well as delivers quality products to customers.

By technical tie-up with multinational companies, it is now aiming to globalization of R&D
activity and tries to lead protection of environment by developing environmental
friendly products together with well known research institutions and
university research centers in Korea.