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Epoxy putty

Epoxy putty EP #2000 is applied to the gap or joint of panel at body shop and cured in the putty oven, Medium and top coat oven. By covering joint of panel, it gives clean appearance and roles as a reinforcement As well.

Main Use 1) Gap or joint of panel
2) Joint of panel which requires strength
Properties 1) Since it has good flow, no sagging can be seen at high-build part with thickness 3~5㎛. It can be modified several times because it is applied manually.
2) It prevents cracking and peeling since it has good adhesion and tough surface after cured.
3) The property of fast dry at low temperature (140℃×20min) results in cost saving and gearing up productivity.
4) As one component and heat curing type, it can be handled easily and has good workability.
5) Good compatibility with general car coating.
6) Good surface sanding property after cured at 140℃×20min.
Product name EP-2000