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Intermediate for Phthalocyanine Blue

It features clear color, high strength and various performance properties such as solvent resistance, anti-chemical, heat stability and sun-beam resistance and weatherability. Because of both superior property paralleled with high value pigments and economical efficiency, it is widely applied in the field of publication ink, paint, rubber, plastic, leather, stationery and coloring agent of textiles

As the only company specializing in Phthalocyanine blue crude in Korea, located in Ulsan city with the reputation on quality, we are exporting most of output worldwide. By synthetic, chemical and physical study for making new crystallization as well as technology of powder coating process, we are doing our utmost efforts to meet customer satisfaction and more advanced new products. Owing to continuous efforts of all employers for not only producing high quality, but also meeting environmental regulations, we are producing quality products without any problem.

Swallogen blue crude

Phthalocyanine blue is a kind of organic pigment which is used extensively in publication ink, paint, plastic, rubber and all kind of colorants. Due to better property in sunbeam resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, plus advantage in low cost of manufacturing, its demand has been increased continuously ever since it was developed. In view of production method, it can be devided into 2 process. One is chemical process that is using petrochemicals as main raw materials and synthsizing blue crude. The other is physical process that adds property of pigment by making particle size fine.

Swallogen blue crude manufactured by us is type of semi-product. Thanks to investment on production facilities and quality improvement since production started in 1987, it has been supplied to well-known customers worldwide. Having 7,500 tons of annual output, we keep number 1 position in the worldwide.

Copper Phthalocyanine Blue Crude

General grade of Blue Crude Special grade of Activated Blue